V1.1.131525 - Release 01/23/19

Details on the updates listed below can be found in this Announcement

New Features

  1. Online Membership Sales
  2. SendGrid HTML Templates for Transactional Emails
  3. Updates/Improvements to Customer Queries, including Advanced Queries
  4. RGP Cloud + QuickBooks Desktop Integration
  5. "Sticky Notes" displayed adjacent to Edit Customer window



  1. Charts added to support new Online Membership Sales System
  2. Waiver system improvements including ability for additional policies to be checked
  3. New Customer Report in the Reporting tab that displays the number of daily check-ins within a specified date range
  4. New check-in limitation for customers that purchase EFT membership with new Online Membership Sales System
  5. Emailed reports include CSV and HTML version of report as attachments
  6. Email button now displayed on Customer Documents window which allows you to quickly send a document to a customer.
  7. Increased "Hour Count" in Edit Offering screen
  8. Ability to select multiple customers for POS actions


Miscellaneous Changes

  • Charting performance improvements - specifically charting loads significantly faster now, especially for multi-gyms
  • Email System: Additional “Insert Fields” added for email templates for customer address: {{address1}}, {{address2}}, {{city}}, {{state}}, {{postalcode}}, {{country}}
  • Event Document System documents will now stay in Find Documents for 4 weeks past the event date (was 2 weeks before)
  • Reporting - buttons added to go back or forward a single day in Reporting and the Sales Summary Grid
  • Manage Tag -> Bulk Actions are now recorded in the Audit Log 
  • Online Transactions button added to lower, right side of Data Entry window to allow quicker access for assignment of Online Transactions as part of the Online Membership Offering System
  • Multi-gym “connection startup delay” reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds for RGP Cloud
  • Product Tax Changes are now logged to the Audit Log
  • Membership Sales Link report now includes online transactions


Bug Fixes

  • “Last visit > X months” alert was not shown for Guest Pass checkins - Fixed
  • Spending limits for Entities were not properly displayed - Fixed
  • Auto-class checkins for multisession events were not recording the check-in for add-on sessions.- Fixed
  • Sporadic OpenEdge void issue when accounts are switched from Swipe to EMV. - Fixed
  • When only one active form existed, the “form list” could not be selected when registering the Smartwaiver Kiosks.  This prevented gyms from also showing the Membership Change Form - Fixed
  • Guest pass/remote members/responsible party selection bug - Fixed
  • Issues voiding certain EMV XWeb transactions when migrating from swiped to EMV - Fixed


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