v1.1.133781 - Released to Cloud 4/07/22. Released to Installed 04/13/22


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This update includes:


  • Implemented "Swipe to Store" for billing credit cards for Stripe Custom users in the UK, Ireland, and Australia
  • Added backend support for Microsoft Edge
  • Added a "Modify Booking Price" prompt when sending certain bookings from the Calendar to Point of Sale. This prompt appears if the calculated price does not match the assigned price. This functionality already existed for bookings in which a change to the number of participants had changed the calculated price and was adding it for bookings in which a change to the answer to a custom question(s) had changed the calculated price.
  • Added "Activity : Account Balance" as a new customer query condition

Misc. Fixes

  • Fixed issue when using customer payment window to process stripe POS refunds
  • Fixed an issue preventing some pending credit card transactions from being canceled
  • Fixed a bug showing incorrect home gym for customers booking classes at other gyms
  • Fixed "Punches : Punches Remaining" customer query condition to work with NOT condition to allow you to search for customers who do NOT have at least a certain number of punches remaining.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some custom email triggers with high limits from working correctly
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