v1.1.133928 - Released to Cloud Week of 09/12/22. Released to Local 10/3/22

Update: 09/12/22 - Released in stages to ALL RGP Cloud Users.
Update: 10/03/22 - Released to Desktop/Local Users.



  • RGP QuickBooks integration improvement. Facilities can now use the default QuickBooks “Sales Tax Payable” revenue account to map not only revenue accounts but also vendors defined in the QuickBooks account.  >> Learn More

    Important: These changes to RGP’s integration with QuickBooks will require existing users to reconnect RGP to their QuickBooks account the same way they did when first using the integration. Simply follow the prompts in the software.

    RGP revenue accounts will not need to be remapped to QuickBooks accounts. All existing account mappings will be preserved.

Misc. Fixes

  • Some online waivers remaining in document queue after being processed - Fixed
  • Issue with restoring backups created with a specific retired RGP release version - Fixed
  • Layout in Settings screen inconsistent - Fixed
  • Time clock logging issue when records are added while employee is clocked in - Fixed
  • Allow manual execution of multiple auto tag rules at once - Fixed
  • Various payments integration issues - Fixed
  • Create default vendor with the same GUID for new facilities to provide consistent results when running reports both locally and remotely - Fixed
  • Add help link for Calendar Email address setting - Fixed
  • Record new customer creation even when no staff user is logged in -Fixed
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