Overview of the Manage Event window

If you want to add a participant, collect money or check participants in for a specific booking, the Manage Event window is the place to do it. This overview will help you find your way around the Manage Event window. To open the Manage Event window, just double click on an event on the calendar.



The first thing you’ll see is the name of the event, the date, the number of participants and the number of people booked. Sometimes that’s the same number, like for a class. Other times, for events like a party, you may have just one person booked but 20 participants.


Booking tabs

Below the title you’ll see a number of tabs providing information about your booking:


  • Booking: Shows the booking customer and number of participants associated with that person, when they booked, what their price was and how much they’ve paid
  • Participants/Check-Ins: Provides a list of all participants and allows you to check them in
  • Wait List: Shows customers on the wait list
  • Instructors: Shows the instructors assigned to the event
  • Email: Shows what emails have been sent for this event
  • Event Notes: Shows any notes the staff has added about this event
  • Change History: Shows the complete list of changes that have been made to this event


Individual booking information window

When the Booking tab is selected you will see information on the right side of the screen showing details for the individual selected. Here you can see:


  • Name
  • Edit/Acct/Docs: This drop down menu lets you:
      • Edit customer information
      • View Invoice and Payments
      • Review documents like waivers or contracts
      • Review check-in history
  • Status: Shows if this booking is active, canceled, occurring or a past event
  • Participants: This button lets you make changes to the participants associated with this booking
  • Email: This button allows you to email the customer
  • Cancel/Un-Cancel: This button allows you to cancel or un-cancel a booking
  • More: Use this drop down menu to:
      • Relocate the booking to a different event
      • Assign a different customer to the booking
      • View the changes made for just this individual
      • Completely delete the booking instead of cancelling it
  • Details: This tab lets you see details about the booking, add notes, put in a promotion code or change the number of participants for this booking
  • Participants: This tab lets you learn more about the participants for this booking and edit their information if necessary
  • Modify Price: This button lets you assign a custom price
  • Transactions: This button lets you view and apply other transactions like rentals to the booking
  • Send to POS: Use this button, or press F6, to send the booking to the POS
  • Refresh Booking/Payment Display: Manually refresh the booking to display your changes


Event modifications

This drop down menu provides advanced features allowing you to modify an individual event in a few additional ways:

  • Modify Event Properties: Assign custom product, event specific limitations or create a subtitle
  • Change Event Date/Type: This only works for custom events; you can’t change the date or time of an event that’s part of a fixed schedule
  • Cancel Event & All Bookings: Cancels the event and all associated bookings
  • Reinstate Event: Reinstates a cancelled event along with all bookings  



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