Changing the number of participants for an existing booking

Events like birthday parties can mean a change in the number of participants as RSVPs come rolling in. Here’s how to add or change the number of participants in an existing booking.

  1. From the main calendar window, double click on the specific event to bring up the Manage Event window.
  2. Under the Booking tab, double click on the name of the participant you want to edit, bringing up the Manage Participants window.
  3. Adjust the count to reflect the new number of participants.
  4. You now have a few options:
  • If you don’t have information for the new participants and/or they aren’t in your database, you can accept them as unspecified participants. Just press OK and you’re finished.
  • If the new participants are already in your database, click Add Participant and look them up by their name or barcode. Once you’ve selected their name click OK, and then OK again to finish.
  • If the new participant needs to be added into the database, click New Customer to bring up the Add Customer window. To learn more about adding a new customer check out the article below. Once you’ve added in their information click OK and then OK again to finish.


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