Checking a participant into an event

Once you have an event set up you can now check in participants.

  1. From the main calendar window, double click on the specific event to bring up the Manage Event window.
  2. Click on the Participants/Check-Ins tab.
  3. If the customer has no balance, all you have to do is click the check mark by their name and you are done.
  4. If they do owe money, select the name of the participant you want to check in and click the Send to POS button on the right. This will bring up a Send to POS dialog box that allows you to send the deposit or balance due to the POS. Click OK to launch the POS. For help with POS check out the link below.

If a participant needs to sign a waiver or requires a belay certification, the system will alert you. Click the Edit/Acct/Docs button in the left corner and select Edit Customer to take care of both of these. 


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