Changing the number of instructors required for an event

Sometimes a fully booked class on one hand or an event with few attendees on the other means you will need to add or subtract instructors for an event. Here’s how to change the number of assigned instructors for a specific event.

  1. From the main calendar window, double click on the specific event to bring up the Manage Event window.
  2. Click on the Instructors tab.
  3. Enter the number of required instructors and click Change.
  4. Once you have the number of instructors defined, it’s time to either add or remove specific instructors for the event.
  • To add an instructor, click Add Instructor. You can then search for them by name or barcode. Click OK to finish.
  • To remove an instructor, highlight their name and click Remove Instructor.

An event that doesn’t have the required number of instructors assigned will show up as red on the main calendar window.




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