Deleting a booking from the system

Most of the time you’ll want to cancel a booking so that you have the option to refer to it or even un-cancel it, but if you want to completely delete the booking from the system you can do that in the Manage Event window, Manager access required. Warning: if you delete an event, you can’t get it back, so make sure you mean it. And make sure you double check that you’re deleting the right one!

  1. From the main calendar window, double click on the specific event to bring up the Manage Event window.
  2. In the booking information window on the right, click the More drop-down button and select Delete booking.
  3. A pop up window will ask you to confirm that you wish to permanently delete the booking. Click Yes.
  4. The booking will now be completely deleted. It will now show up on the calendar under cancelled events.



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