Overview of Document Management

Rock Gym Pro supports the ability to scan and store customer documents such as waivers and membership forms. In addition, there’s also a bulk scanning and classification process that allows staff members to quickly scan and classify hundreds of documents. These documents will all be stored as encrypted files on our remote server, saving you the hassle of storing and backing up these documents on your own computer. Document management is only available as part of our Premium plan.

Required Equipment for Installed Version of RGP
A TWAIN compatible scanner is required for the installed version of RGP, preferably one with an auto-document feeder and duplex scanning (if your documents are two-sided). All-in-one devices will work, though they tend to have considerably slower scanning speeds than the dedicated desktop scanners. Two recommended scanners are the Xerox DocuMate 152 and the Fujitsi-6130.

If you have an existing scanner that produces PDFs and is not TWAIN compatible, consider trying Twain Importer Pro. It creates a virtual TWAIN scanner; just scan the documents with your scanner, select the virtual TWAIN scanner in RGP and point it to the folder full of PDFs produced by your scanner. Please note that this application is not directly supported by RGP and we make no guarantees.

About Remote Storage
All your scanned documents are transferred to our secure offsite storage location. This transfer happens silently in the background so it doesn’t slow down the workflow process. All documents are encrypted with TripleDES encryption through your private master key.


Recommended Equipment for RGP Cloud
If you're using RGP Cloud, you need a scanner that can output bulk PDFs. We recommend the Fujuitsu ScanSnap ix500.



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