Overview of Customer Attributes

Customer Attributes enables you to capture all information that has been completed on an RGP or Smartwaiver document and attach it to the Customer Record. An example of information that can be attached includes driver’s license, pronouns, or any other custom or standard field you include on a document. You can offer additional Custom Attributes on a custom record beyond the two custom text fields Custom1 and Custom2.

With Customer Attributes enabled, staff members will also be able to quickly review these attributes when they ‘accept a customer waiver’ without having to page through the PDF document.


While this is a single new Customer Attribute feature, there are two types of attributes within this system.

  1. Document Fields - these are the raw values and associated field names transferred over from an RGP or Smartwaiver document.  These are a “record of what was completed” and cannot be altered by a staff member.

  2. Named Customer Attributes - these are “defined” Customer Attributes that are configured in Settings and can be changed by staff members, just like any other aspect of a Customer Record. Document Fields can be mapped to Named Customer Attributes (see below).

Automatic Document Fields

Within the Find Documents window, you will see the fields listed that you’ve defined on your RGP or Smartwaiver Documents.



When a document is attached to a customer, these new attributes will then appear on the Custom Tab > Document Fields




Where do the Document Field Names come from?

RGP Documents

For RGP documents, the Document Field Name comes from the Edit Form Field window when editing/creating a form.   



NOTE:  Document Field Names must contain two or more characters in order to be transferred and should be as descriptive as possible.  

IMPORTANT!  If you change a Document Field Name, remember to also change the underlying document in Edit Document to match the new Document Field Name - otherwise, you will see the dreaded four question marks (????) in your document since the field name will no longer exist.


Smartwaiver Documents

For Smartwaiver documents, the Document Fields Names are either a fixed field name, such as “DriversLicense”, or in the case of custom questions, the entire question name will be shown (up to the first 100 characters).


Enabling/Disabling Document Fields by Document Type

By default, all Document Fields on a waiver document will automatically transfer to the customer record. You can turn this feature on or off by document type using the checkboxes shown below.


RGP Documents

Go to Manage → Waiver Station → Edit Form



Smartwaiver Documents

Go to Manage → Waiver Station → Edit Form



Named Customer Attributes

Named Customer Attributes are free-form text attributes that can be named and attached to customer records. Examples include Gender (instead of using CUSTOM1), Driver’s License, or any question that you want. You can create as many Named Customer Attributes as needed.

Named Customer Attributes can be configured in Manage > Settings > Waivers/Custom



Once a named attribute is added, it will appear within the Custom tab in the Edit Customer window.   

Note:  The Document Fields tab is still available to review your Document Fields, however, Named Attributes take a higher priority on the first tab.


Staff members can change the value of a Named Attribute, but as noted above, cannot change the value of a Document Field.


Mapping Document Fields to Named Attributes

Document Fields can be automatically mapped to Named Attributes - a critical aspect of the attribute system functionality.  Once a mapping is defined, those incoming Document Field values will be copied over to the Named Customer Attribute.

In the image below, the incoming “driverslicense” Document Field is mapped to the “Driver’s License” Named Attribute.  With this mapping, as documents are accepted, the Document Field “driverslicense” will automatically be copied over the Named Attribute “Driver’s License”.




Multigym Considerations

  • Document Fields are automatically transferred when Customer Records are transferred between facilities.
  • IMPORTANT - Named Attributes are only transferred if the Name Attribute is defined on both the source and target gyms of a customer transfer. Therefore it’s recommended that in multigym environments Named Customer Attributes match across all facilities.

Value Transfer/Copy

Within the Manage Attributes tab, there is a tool available that will allow you to copy values from CUSTOM_TEXT1, CUSTOM_TEXT2, as well as between Document Fields and Attributes. This tool could be used to migrate existing Gender values from CUSTOM_TEXT1 to a new Gender named attribute, as an example.



Customer Queries and Custom Reports

Named Attributes will appear as a new constraint in Customer Queries and as a Custom Field option when generating a Custom Report from a Customer Query





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