Bulk scanning multiple signed documents

If you have a stack of multiple documents to scan, you can scan them all at once and classify them at your convenience. Only scan one document type at a time for best results (for example, all waivers at once, then all sign up forms at once, etc.).

  1. To get started, in the main Data Entry window go to View and select Document Scanning and Classification to open up the Document List window.
  2. Click the Bulk Scan button.
  3. Enter the number of pages per document. This will tell the system how to divide the bulk scan into individual files.
  4. Check the box to assign a document type, and then choose the type from the drop down menu.
  5. Change the scanner settings as needed.
  6. Select the number of documents you are scanning. Along with telling the system the number of pages per document, this will ensure the system creates the right files from the bulk scan.
  7. Click the Scan Now button to scan. A pop up window will ask you to confirm the number of documents loaded into your scanner; click yes.
  8. Once the documents are scanned they will be queued for upload and are ready to be classified.

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