Assigning a Signed Paper Waiver to an Existing Customer

Once a document has been scanned or classified it will show up in the Document List window. You can then assign it to the correct customer. 

  1. To get started, in the main Data Entry window go to View and select Document Scanning and Classification to open up the Document List window.
  2. Click the Bulk Classify button to open the Classify Documents window. In addition, the View Documents window will also open, showing you the document you are classifying.
  3. If you have multiple documents you can use the arrow keys to cycle through pages to find a specific document.
  4. With the document showing in the View Document window, search for the customer by either name or birthdate.
  5. Select the customer’s name and click the Select Customer button.
  6. Select the document type and add any helpful notes from the document like medical information that you want to show up in the customer’s profile. Click Assign & Next. The document will now be transferred to the remote server while you classify the rest of your documents.
  7. Click Close to finish.



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