Event Document System Overview

The Event Document System (EDS) simplifies event and group management and increases the likelihood participants of specified events will complete and sign required documents before they arrive at your facility.   

Simplifying Event and Group Management:
With the EDS, participants of specific events can complete online waivers from a dedicated event link that you and/or an Event Organizer provides. These events can be anything from birthday parties, field trips or even classes like belay certifications. All signed documents that originate from this dedicated event link will be automatically attached to the Event and the customers will automatically appear in your Manage Event window where you’ll have the option to make them a participant of the event.

Staff and Event Organizers can easily view which participants have completed the required documents and are able to redistribute the dedicated event link to those who have not.

Increasing The Number of Online Documents Signed:
You can enable EDS on any Offering in your Calendar that requires a signed document, like a waiver. When you enable EDS, the confirmation email for that Offering will include a highly visible “Action Required” block that will allow the participant to complete the documents required.




Important to Note:

  • The EDS is intended for use with Online Documents only.

  • In order for Event Organizers to view which participants have completed the documents for a specific Offering, the participant must click on the link that is provided to them. If the participant has previously signed the same document but did not click on the specified event link, they will not appear on the EDS Event Page nor will the document be associated with the event. They must click on the event link that is provided to them and complete the document(s) from that link.

  • The settings and required documents for the EDS can be customized by Offering, including a default profile for all Offerings.

  • Unassigned online documents attached to events will remain in the Find Documents queue for four weeks past the associated event's start date.


Setting Up EDS

There is some setup involved with the EDS. You’ll need to create Profiles within the EDS and assign them to your Offerings.  Within each Profile, you can customize which documents you’d like to use, as well as customize the Email Confirmation and Form Landing Page.

NOTE:  After upgrading RGP to the latest version, the EDS system is enabled with a Default Profile labeled “Relevant Documents Only”.  This Profile does not have any customer-facing features enabled and attempts to demonstrate the EDS system by listing waiver documents on the Event Documents tab in Manage Events.

1. Enabling EDS
From the Calendar module, go to:
Manage Schedule → Settings → Booking Messaging → Event Document System




Check the box: Event document system enabled




2. Create Profiles for your Offerings

Setting up Profiles allows Offerings to behave differently within the EDS.

A facility will typically have two Profiles set up

- A Standard Profile that will be applied to ALL events and can be configured as the “Default Profile”.  Note you can disable the default profile for offerings such as fitness events, or other events that are typically attended by customers who have already completed your facility documents.  A typical configuration for this type of Profile would essentially be your “Please Complete Your Waiver” Profile and would:

- Allow participants to complete linked documents
- NOT allow Event Organizers to manage documents







- A Group Event Profile that could be applied to events like birthday parties, field trips and other group events. This Profile would:

- Allow people to complete linked documents.
- Allow Event Organizers to manage the documents and share a direct event link to the required documents.







To add a Profile, click on the Add button:




Assign your Profiles to a specific Offering by clicking on the Manage Offering Profile Assignment button.




...and select the Profile from the dropdown menu on the next page.


You can also disable any EDS Profile for specific Offerings.  This may be useful for fitness classes and similar events attended by members who have already completed their required documents.

Click OK

You will now see the Profiles that have been assigned to your Offerings in the box to the right.



To edit/customize each Profile, click on the Edit button and then click on the tabs as shown below:




- Relevant Document Types Tab -
 Allows you to choose which document types to list in the Manage Event > Event Documents window.  

Note: These are Document Types and not specific forms. Document Types are configured in Data Entry > Manage > Document Management.    

An example Document Type would be “Waiver”. You can have multiple forms categorized under one Document Type, such as an Adult Waiver and Minor Waiver.

- Email Confirmation Tab -
Allows you to edit the Email Confirmation the participant receives after booking an event.



- Form Landing Page Tab -
Allows you to edit the Event/Form Landing Page that participants will use to complete and sign the documents.  On this tab, you select and order the forms required for your event. You can choose to display multiple forms. For example, a summer camp Offering may require both a liability waiver and a medical consent form.





- Management Page Tab -
Allows you to edit the Event Management Page that Event Organizers use to view which participants have signed the required documents.



Important: In order for the participant to appear on this page, they must click on the specific event link that was set up in the EDS (example shown above).


After a Participant Signs a Required Document

When a participant completes and signs a required document using the unique link that was set up through the EDS, you will find the participant name in the Event Window under the Event Documents tab.

On the Event Documents tab your staff will perform the following operations:

  • Accept an Unassigned Document into the event.  This action uses a version of the Find Documents window and results in the document being assigned to a new or existing customer record. Simply double-click on the “Unassigned” participant.


  • Add or remove any associated customer as a participant in the event.



The staff also has the option to review the Event Management Page for a specific booking. They can launch it by clicking on the View Customer Management Pages button.



Processing In-Gym Documents or Documents NOT completed via the dedicated Event Link

If a customer is participating in an event that you’ve set up in EDS but completes a required document in your gym or completes the document from anywhere other than the dedicated event link, your staff can easily add this participant to the event list. This workflow is unchanged by the EDS.

Once an in-gym document is completed at your Waiver Kiosk, go to:

Manage Event > Select the Booking > and click Participants > Find Documents

Then locate the waiver and that customer will be brought in as a Participant.  

Once the customer is assigned as a Participant, their name and relevant documents will be listed on the Event Documents tab.  

IMPORTANT:  Although a participant who has been manually assigned to the event will be shown in the Event Documents tab, they will not appear on the Management Page for the Event Organizer.  Only documents completed via the dedicated Event Link will appear on the Management Page.


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