Overview of punch card type options

Rock Gym Pro supports several different types of punch card options. To get started, configure the customer account to be either either a 10 Punch Card or 5 Punch Card using the Quick Configure button in a customer profile, and then click on the Punch Card tab.

Here are the punch card styles you can choose from:

  • None: Select this option to turn off punch cards for the account
  • Manual/Paper Punch Card: Select this option if you hand out paper cards or track punches manually. You will not be able to do anything else with punch cards in Rock Gym Pro.
  • Electronic Scan Card: Select this option if you use scan cards to check in customers. You will be able to add punches to the account, add an expiration date, void out punches and print punch purchase history.
  • Additional Scan Card: Select this option to link this customer’s account to another customer’s punch card.



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