Overview of membership payment type options

Rock Gym Pro supports several different payment types for memberships. To get started, configure the customer account to be either a monthly EFT, single month prepaid, or annual prepaid membership using the Quick Configure button in a customer’s profile, and then click on the Membership tab.

Here are the following membership payment option types you can choose from:

  • None: Select this option for a person who is not a member, such as a staff member
  • Free: Select this option for comped memberships
  • Prepaid: Select this option for memberships that are paid in advance
  • EFT - Use Payment Method on EFT tab: Select this option for members using an electronic transfer such as a bank account or credit card
  • EFT - Bill Responsible Member Listed Above: Select this option to use EFT information from a different account, like a parent paying for a child.



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