Walkthrough for setting up future dues

If a customer’s dues will be changing on a specific future date you can set it up ahead of time to automatically change. This can either be a temporary change or a permanent change. This is helpful if you are offering a membership special for a predetermined time at a discount.

  1. Look up the customer in the main Data Entry window and click Edit Customer.
  2. Click the Membership tab.
  3. Under EFT Details click the Future Dues button.
  4. Check the Customer has a dues change in the future box.
  5. Enter the change date.
  6. Enter the new dues.
  7. If this is a temporary change, check the box and enter the number of months you would like the system to use the temporary dues before reverting back to the normal dues.
  8. Click OK to save. A note indicating the change will now show up in the EFT Details section in the Membership tab.
  9. Click OK to finish.



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