Overview of accounting reports

The Rock Gym Pro reporting function allows you to run a variety of accounting reports. Here is an overview of the standard accounting report options.

  1. In the Data Entry main window click Reporting and then select General Reports to open the Reporting window.
  2. Under the Standard Reports tabs, choose from one of the following accounting reports:
  • Employees - Time Clock: This will show each employee's job type, clock in and out times, and total hours worked for each job type. This can be scheduled to be emailed every 2 weeks to your accountant for payroll. 
  • Stripe Payment Reconciliation Report: Click Generate Report and then choose if you wish to include your Stripe fees in the report. If so, enter the fees. When running this report, pad the report by a day at the start and end to make sure your local time covers Stripe’s UTC time zone. Note that due to the way Stripe rounds its fees and group transfers, this report may look slightly different than one run through Stripe.
  • Sales Tax: Run this report to see how much sales tax you’ve collected. You can also see how much of your sales were tax-exempt or nontaxable.
  • Journal Entries- For Accountant: Click Generate Report and then select whether you would like to include sub-accounts or not. The Journal Entry Report is useful if you are using an accounting package other than Quickbooks.  You can save this report as a CSV file and then import the journal entries into any accounting package.
  • Z-Out Summary: This will create a Z-Out summary report from the POS transactions for the date range you select.
    For any of these reports,
    Select the date range if applicable.
    Click the Generate Report button.
    Your report will open up in a new window. You can now print, email, open the report in Word or Excel, or save it as an HTML or CSV file.
    Click Close to close the report
    Click Close again to exit the Reporting window.
  • If you are using the Sendgrid Email integration with RGP, you can schedule any of these reports to be automatically emailed on a set schedule.
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