QuickBooks Integration Update - Using "Sales Tax Payable" revenue account

Updated: 8/28/22

Prior to update v.1.1.133919, facilities using the RGP + QuickBooks integration have been unable to use the default QuickBooks “Sales Tax Payable” revenue account.
 If a facility had mapped their RGP Sales Tax Journal Entry Lines to QB’s default Sales Tax Payable account they would receive an error from QuickBooks stating  that a vendor must be assigned.

There was an error saving a general journal  transaction. QB error message: Sales tax detail line must have a vendor." 

Now, with this update, facilities have the ability to map not only revenue accounts, but also vendors defined in their QuickBooks account.





From the QuickBooks Accounting Transfer screen, click on: Define Account Mappings

You will see a new (optional) column: QuickBook Vendor that can be used to define Vendors that are pulled in with your QuickBooks Journal Entries.  
Note: The QuickBooks Vendor dropdown is populated from the Vendors created in the QuickBooks account (not the RGP database).



Below: Example of a transferred Journal Entry in QuickBooks with a vendor mapped.  
Note: Defining Vendors is optional. 




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