Walkthrough for creating a guest conversion report

If you want to find out how many of your customers use day passes and have visited more than once, but have not become members, here is how to create that customer query.

    1. In the Data Entry main window click Reporting and then select Customer Queries to open the Customer Queries window.
    2. Under Constraints select the following constraints:
  • General: Customer Types. For parameters select Guest.
  • Activity: Visit Count (Total): For parameters select At Least 2. This will return any guest who has visited more than once
    • Optional: Add Activity: First Contact Date (Between) and enter a range to see only customers who started during a specific period.
  • Click the Review Query button to run the report.
  • Under Save Results, you can choose if you want to load these customers in Data Entry (to change memberships to adult, for example), create a report, add a bulk note or save an email list text file (to send a promotional birthday email, for example).
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