Advanced Customer Query: An Example

With advanced logic built into the Customer Queries feature in Rock Gym Pro, the options for parsing customer data are nearly limitless. Below is a simple example of how a gym might use an Advanced Customer Query. 

Example Query
If you would like to know which customers purchased a specific class (e.g.; "Intro to Climbing") last year but did NOT purchase another specific class (e.g.; "Movement & Technique") you can find out in a few easy steps!

From Data Entry go to: Reporting -> Customer Queries

  • Select Advanced Mode to allow logic like AND and subgroups


  • Click the Add Conditions button on the bottom of the screen
  • Check the box next to "Activity: Purchased Products"


  • Select the product: “Intro to Climbing” and then select the "Last Year" shortcut button. 


  • Click OK

Now, add a second condition

  • Click on the Add Condition button
  • Check the box next to "Activity: Purchased Products"
  • Select the product: “Movement and Technique” and then select the "Last Year" shortcut button.
  • Check the box next to: NOT this condition


  • Click Review Query and RGP will display the number of customers who:
    Purchased an Intro to Climbing Class but NOT a Movement and Technique Class last year.



It's that simple! You can now:

  • View a Quick Check-in and Sales Activity Reports for those customers
  • Add those customers into Data Entry
  • Add a Bulk Note to those customers
  • Add a Bulk Tag to those customers
  • Create a Contact List Report
  • Save the Mail Merge CSV File
  • Export all of the customer data into a CSV file
  • Save the Email List as a Text File
  • Start marketing your Movement and Technique class!

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