Multigym Option: Placeholder (archived) Customer Records

In Customer Queries, there is an option to include a “placeholder” customer record. Checking the box shown below allows remote customers to be included in your query result reports.


An Example
If a member at Gym A purchases a product or makes a booking at Gym B, checking this box would show this customer’s action in your query results.

In short, this option creates a hidden, "placeholder" (archived) record that simply stores the transaction of remote customers. This is useful managers that want to generate an email or contact list and need a count of ALL customers that purchased a product or made a booking, including purchases at remote facilities.

Important to Note: These placeholder customer records are classified as guest records, therefore membership information and the member's home gym location is not shown.

The records include the following information only:

  • Customer Names
  • Birthday
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address

Also, please be aware that with this option selected, you will be unable to open the customer list in Data Entry, add Bulk Notes, or add Bulk Tags.


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