Generating a list of upcoming birthdays

You can use the Customer Queries function to create a list of all customers who have a birthday in a certain month or coming up. You can also use this function to target specific demographics, such as creating a list of everyone who will turn 18 within two weeks.

  1. In the Data Entry main window click Reporting and then select Customer Queries to open the Customer Queries window.
  2. Under Constraints select either:
  • Personal: Birthday - By Month- Under Parameters choose the month number (ex- January=1, February=2, etc)
  • Personal: Birthday - Upcoming- Under Parameters choose the number of days you wish to look ahead
  • To create a report of people turning 18 within the next two weeks, combine the upcoming birthday constraint using a parameter of 14 days with the Personal: Age In Years (Between) constraint, marking From Age: 17 and To Age: 17 in the parameters.
  • Click the Review Query button to run the report.
  • Under Save Results, you can choose if you want to load these customers in Data Entry (to change memberships to adult, for example), create a report, add a bulk note or save an email list text file (to send a promotional birthday email, for example).
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