Walkthrough for setting up a punch card member

With this walkthrough, we will show how to set up a new customer with a 10 punch card account.

  1. To get started, in the main Data Entry window click the Add button to add a new member.
  2. In the View and Edit Customer window, click the Quick Configure button.
  3. Select 10 Punch Card and click Yes on the pop-up window.
  4. In the Punch Card tab, the punch card style will be automatically selected as Electronic Scan Card. Change to a Manual/Paper Card or Additional Scan Card type if necessary.
  5. Under Electronic Punches, ten punches will be added to the account. You can always see the punch balance for an account in the Punch Card tab.
  6. If you are providing this member with a new card, go to the General tab and click Swipe Card. Swipe or scan the card to add the card to the profile. Click OK to save the card to the account.
  7. Add any customer information, photos, waivers, or EFT information required by your facility. Click OK to finish and save.


TIPIf the customer is going to use the facility at the time of sign-up, don’t forget to scan their card for that session.





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