Setting up employees to share a company punch card

A popular benefit for a business is to buy a single company punch card (for example, with 300 punches) that their employees can then use when they come to your facility. In this article, we will walk through the best way to set up a master corporate punch card that employees will then be able to draw from. Note that the company will need to provide you with a list of employees to add/remove from sharing the punch card debiting as required.

  1. Create a punch card customer that represents the business and add the number of punches they’ve purchased.
  2. For each employee, set their Customer Type to Punch Card. While setting them up, click the Punch Card tab. Under Punch Card Style, select Additional Scan Card.
  3. Click the Customer button. Select the company customer profile with the master punch card and click OK.
  4. The master employer punch card will now be debited whenever the employee checks in.
  5. Click OK to finish.
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