v1.1.133538 - Released to Installed 5/13/21

5/13/21 -
Released to locally installed users
4/20/21 -
Released to all Cloud Users 
4/10/21 -
Released to select users

Most of the changes in this update are small and/or invisible with two BIG exceptions.

1) Calendar Processing Time Improvements

This update includes backend changes that should significantly improve calendar processing times after you close calendar events. 

2) New ACH Authorization for ACHWorks Users (U.S. Customers Only)

Changes have been made to the way in which RGP handles ACH account information that is submitted via electronic change forms. You can read about these changes in detail here: 

In summary, data submitted electronically needs to be validated by submission of $0 test transactions before it can be used for billing. That validation takes 7 days. This means that if you populate a customer record with an account from a change request form, that account data will show as PENDING until it has been validated. It also means that new accounts submitted 7 days before a billing date will not be processed for payment. Please refer to the support page for more detailed information.

Other Changes in This Update

  • Guest Pass Check-Ins
    When someone is checked in on a guest pass, their entry in the Check-in window did not show up as having a booking. This has been fixed.

  • Orphaned Bookings
    If a booking is “Orphaned” there was an option to send a cancellation email for that booking which would return a blank page. This option will no longer appear. Instead, clicking the email button on an orphaned, cancelled booking will now show a proper error message.

  • FIFO Report
    Calculated total cost on Inventory FIFO report was not matching the rows. This has been fixed.

  • Delayed Online Transactions
    Some higher volume facilities noticed online transactions were not appearing in a timely manner on occasion. These facilities should now see a marked improvement in online transaction delivery time.

  • Offerings Overbooking Events
    Some facilities have reported occasional overbookings when a certain number of customers book events online during specific hours. This has been fixed.

  • Duplicate Transactions
    Some facilities reported seeing duplicate online transactions. This has been fixed.

  • Mobile App Check-in Reporting
    In Staff or public-facing check-in/out mode, mobile app check-ins were not being recorded properly in Charting and Data Visualization report. This has been fixed.

  • Option to Alert for Guest with Past Due Balances
    When checking in a guest you now have the option to add an alert when guests have a past due balance. Previously only EFT members could be flagged.

  • Sales - By Customer Ranked Error
    If you have curly brackets as part of your account name and attempted to run the Sales - By Customer Ranked report on that filter, an error would appear. This has been fixed.

  • Scrollbar on Customer Booking Page
    If a customer had a certain number of bookings being displayed on the Customer Booking page, the scroll bar was not visible. This has been fixed.

  • Report: Employee Time Clock Bug
    Staff members who are not Managers that have the custom permission of the Reporting: Employee Time Clock when attempting to generate a report and error occurred. This has been fixed.
  • ACH Works Text Update
    If you are using ACHWorks as a payment gateway for membership dues, there is a new, minor text change your customers will see when entering their billing details.  The new text, required by ACHWorks, will be shown on the bottom of the Monthly Billing Details page and cannot be changed (shown below).


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