v1.1.133835 - Released to Cloud Week of 06/27/22


06/29/22 - Being released in stages to RGP Cloud Users.

v1.1.133835 is the latest version available to Cloud users. Some of the enhancements listed below include fixes from v1.1.133820 and v1.1.133810.


  • Modified the system that warns staff if they are sending a recently modified calendar booking to POS that has an assigned price that does not match the calculated price
  • Simplified the process for cancelling credit card transactions before a card has been swiped for Stripe users
  • Added the ability to quickly edit a customer, view a customer's invoice and payment history, view a customer's document history, or view a customer's check-in history directly from a calendar event waitlist

Misc. Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some gift cards from being transferred between gyms in multi-gym organizations
  • Fixed a bug that prevented slow to succeed credit card transactions from appearing in reports
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some bookings to accidentally be refunded twice
  • Fixed a bug that caused buttons to run off the edge of the Waiver Management screen on some monitors
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented booking reminder emails from being delivered to remote customers
  • Added the option to transfer EFT contract end dates when transferring members between gyms
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes created 2 copies of an electronic document
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