v1.1.133875 - Released to Cloud Week of 07/18/22

Update: 07/18/22 - Being released in stages to ALL RGP Cloud Users.



  • Custom Policies 3-7 can now be automatically "cleared" after a specified number of months. Prior to this update, only Polies 1 and 2 had this functionality. 

    Go to: Data Entry > Manage > Settings > Waivers / Custom



Misc. Fixes

  • Fixed issue with tracking guest pass usage for remote customers
  • Fixed bug to allow Stripe Terminal to correctly identify computer name
  • Fixed bug when cancelling Stripe Terminal payments in cloud
  • Fixed bug generating erroneous check-in records at remote facilities
  • Fixed windows client freeze caused by unexpected Stripe Custom error
  • Added automation for some updates to Stripe payment terminals updates
  • Updated how RGP synchronizes staff roles/permissions across facilities
  • Added internal error logging to diagnose certain types of check-in bugs
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