v1.1.134086 - Released to Cloud and Local Users on 7/5/23

If you are using the locally hosted version of RGP, to install this update launch Data Entry and go to: Manage -> About -> Check for Updates

What's in this release?
This release fixes a multi-gym billing issue in software version: v1.1.134076

In v1.1.134076, there is a rare set of circumstances that could cause billing transactions for one facility in a multi-gym organization to be directed to the payments account for another facility within that same multi-gym organization. The specific series of events needed to trigger this behavior is unlikely but not impossible, so we're updating the software to prevent it from happening.

This situation was only possible in multi-gym organizations and required a Change Request Form containing billing information for a remote customer with an outstanding balance. If staff used a Change Request Form to update the billing information on file for a customer they would have been asked if they wanted to collect the outstanding balance. Opting to collect the balance would have opened RGP's Billing window. Any balances that were collected via that window while it was open would have used the payment account connected to the Change Form customer's home gym, even transactions for other customers. This could result in payments appearing in the payments dashboard for the wrong facility, and if facilities within the organization are using different bank accounts, could result in the payments being deposited to the wrong bank account.

If this situation did occur, there would have been no erroneous charges. RGP would have collected the correct balances for correct customers, and all of these payments would have ended up in accounts belonging to the correct multi-gym organization.

Even though the circumstances that can cause this billing issue are rare, we wanted to prevent it entirely as quickly as possible and therefore released this patch version: v1.1.134086

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