v1.1.134076 - Released to Cloud Week of 6/18/23. Released to Local Users 6/26/23

Update: 06/18/23 - Released in stages to all RGP Cloud Users.
Released to Locally Hosted Users on 6/26/23

If you are using the locally hosted version of RGP, to install this update launch Data Entry and go to: Manage -> About -> Check for Updates


Improved the process for manually recording transactions in Stripe
When recording a transaction with payment set to External/Manual Credit Card Mode, users can now optionally specify a Payment Intent from Stripe in order to tie the new manual transaction in RGP to the payment recorded by Stripe. This will link these payments on Stripe Reconciliation reports preventing reports of unmatched payments.  >> Learn More

Added the ability to accept customer guest passes one time per calendar month
Currently you can allow facility customers to receive/use a guest pass one time in a rolling 30-day window. This new features allows a facility customer to receive/use a guest pass one time in a calendar month>> Learn More


Added the ability to add customized text to the bottom of billing invoices
This feature is intended to allow facilities to add cancellation terms and conditions in order to satisfy legal obligations and/or help with payment dispute resolutions. However, this feature also allows you to add other types of text. >> Learn More

Added the ability to tag a customer when freezing/canceling

When processing a Member Change Request form, you can now tag a customer with a reason for why the account was frozen/canceled. >> Learn More

Added the option to invoice customers when unfreezing prepaid members

>> Learn More

Improved instructor assignment
You can now assign different instructors to different sessions of multi-session events. When you add an instructor to a multi-session event, you will be asked if you want to add that instructor to all sessions. Clicking YES will add the instructor to all sessions. Clicking NO will only add the instructor to the currently selected session. For example, you could now assign a different instructor to each day of a 5-day summer camp.



Added the ability to add different notes to individual sessions of multi-session events





More Enhancements

  • Added a message to the payment record visible in POS history for payments that prompt a duplicate charge warning from Stripe when processed. This should make it easier to spot cases where staff members mishandle the duplicate charge warning.

  • Changed how RGP reports payments for pending ACH transactions to prevent balance mismatches on Journal Entry report.

  • Added "Staff" to the check-in status text when staff members check in.

  • Made a change to improve speed when handling certain resource intensive calendar events.

  • Modified Membership Links so that they display on the Membership Links tab of customers’ Invoices & Payments history for both the target customer and source customer for those links.

  • Made a change to local backup procedure to improve speed for very large databases.

  • Added the ability to ask for the email address of all participants, not just the one making the booking, during the online booking process.

  • “Last visit date” now transfers along with a customer record when they are transferred in a multi-gym environment.

  • Removed the COVID sub-menu from Data Entry > Manage, and added a Bulk Actions sub-menu in its place. Most of the items in the COVID menu were bulk actions that fit in the new Bulk Actions sub-menu. The Online Occupancy Widget - Configuration item has been moved to the main Data Entry > Manage menu.

  • Updated the title of the customer query condition Activity - Account Balance to be Activity - Account Balance (past due EFT monthly dues only) to more accurately reflect its function, which has not changed.

  • Added a new customer query condition Activity - Account Balance that returns customers with any balances on their account, not just EFT dues.

  • Reverted to pre-Covid behavior of removing payment information for terminated members who have not visited in 6 months. For the past 2 years, payment information hasn’t been removed until a terminated member had not visited for 12 months.

  • Added the Reassign Participant button to the Manage Participants window for calendar events. This button was already present in the general event window.

  • Added a check to prevent a rare scenario where customers were notified of a pending membership freeze when they scheduled that freeze ahead of time but then decided to cancel before the freeze became effective.

  • Added the option to show credit card surcharges on membership dues as a separate line item on invoices.

  • Added a new customer query condition: "Calendar : Events - Participated (search by booking date)"
    Currently you can query to find customers who have participated in or booked certain Offerings. With this new feature you can now search for only "participants". This can be useful for things like youth programs where adults often book for children without actually participating.

  • Added a nightly check for Stripe Custom ACH users to ensure that fees associated with failed ACH payments are correctly recorded in a customer's invoices and payments history.

  • Streamlined the staff-facing interface for Stripe Custom POS transactions in order to prevent staff members from accidentally creating balance mismatches by cancelling transactions in RGP right as they are successfully processed by Stripe.


Misc. Fixes

  • Fixed a rounding error causing a one penny discrepancy when assessing credit card fees on membership dues.
  • Fixed a rounding error that was causing some partial refunds to appear to be a penny off.
  • Fixed a billing issue for customers that occurs when conflicting currency formats are specified in the software and Windows.
  • Fixed logic used to create Journal Entry by payment batch for new Stripe users.
  • Fixed an issue causing some facilities to see an error message when attempting to open the Billing Center to download ACH responses.
  • Fixed a bug requiring some facilities to update credit card information on customer records by keying in card numbers instead of swiping/scanning cards via the terminal.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some credit card transactions from being recorded in RGP.
  • Fixed an issue causing some Stripe Payout Reconciliation by Payout Batch reports to be incomplete.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the calendar window to show the start of the day at midnight, forcing users to scroll down to see business hours.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause database deadlocks when multiple facilities tried to process a waiver at the same time.
  • Fixed behavior in Product Management so that your selected Display Category tab stays even if you toggle the checkbox for active/inactive products.
  • Fixed a bug that added blue bars to the left side of calendar events.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing email address links in booking emails from displaying correctly in some browsers.
  • Fixed a bug that created orphaned products for multi-gym organizations that have linked retail but have manually unlinked individual products.
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