Correcting RGP Stripe Reconciliation where payment was collected with Stripe but not Recorded in RGP

Occasionally there will be a disconnect in the RGP Stripe Custom integration where the Stripe Terminal charges the transaction, but the response from Stripe to RGP is interrupted. This is most commonly due to an internet blip where the connection is interrupted between Stripe charging the transaction and RGP receiving the success message to record it in RGP. 

In the Stripe Custom Reconciliation Reports these payment issues will show as unmatched payments at the bottom of the report.

To correct the RGP reporting and Journal Entries these payments will need to be recorded in RGP. You may first notice there is a mismatch when attempting to transfer to Quickbooks if your debits and credits do not match.

Step 1: Go to RGP Data Entry - Reporting - General Reports - Stripe Custom Reconciliation by Payout Batch Report. Scroll down to the bottom of the report and find the unmatched transaction.


Step 2: Find the unmatched payment in the payments dashboard at by searching for the date/amount of the unmatched transaction.

Step 3: When you find the transaction click View Details and copy the payment intent field

Step 4: In the RGP POS ring up the customer (if it was an anonymous transaction you will want to choose an actual customer/test customer to record this payment on) and products that equal the total of the transaction. In some cases, you may need to make an educated guess of what products were sold, or you can create a specific product to use for these corrections. When the total matches the unmatched payment click Tender - then check the box External/Manual Credit Card Mode - Add an optional transaction memo explaining the correction, and then paste the payment intent from the payments dashboard. Then select the card type and click OK.

Step 5: Correct both the Invoice and Payment date in the customer invoice and payment history. In the Invoice Tab, click Change Invoice Date and enter the date the payment was collected. Then in the Payments tab click Change Payment Date and move that to the same date.
Please note you cannot edit Anonymous customers' invoices and payments which is why in Step 4 we recommend creating a placeholder customer for corrections or using your own staff record.

Step 6: Rerun the Stripe Custom Reconciliation by Payout Batch Report and the unmatched payment will be corrected. Then reattempt your QuickBooks Journal Entry Transfer and the credit/debit mismatch will be fixed. 

Please note adding the Stripe Payment Intent into RGP is a feature available in Version 134060
This update will be released to the cloud on 4/28/2023 and will be released to local hosts the following week.

At the time of publishing this support article this version is in beta - please reach out to Support if you want it pushed to your database sooner than General Release.

This flow will correct payments made with Stripe but not recorded in RGP. If you have a different scenario causing a mismatched payment reach out to RGP Support to explore how to fix that specific issue.

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