Multigym Customer Alias Credit Card Transfer

Customer Credit Card Alias Transfer Between Locations

NOTE – This only applies to customers with OpenEdge/XCharge/XWeb for their integrated billing.

RGP supports the ability to transfer customer credit card details between gyms. With this feature enabled, when customers are transferred or staff members are synchronized, their billing information will follow.

This allows staff members to place items On Account under their staff records at each gym.

STEP 1 – You need to email OpenEdge (formerly Accelerated Payments/XCharge) and have them “link/share” your aliases across all your Xweb accounts.  

  • OpenEdge internally refers to this as XWEB ALIAS SHARING.  
  • To initiate the alias sharing process, please email  with the following subject line:  RGP – XWEB ALIAS SHARING .  Please cc on this email as well.
  • In the email, please include the list your facilities that you would like to share aliases and include:
    - Facility Name
    - Contact Name
    - Facility Address
    - Facility Phone
  • Once sent, you can expect a call back from OpenEdge within 3-5 business days.

STEP 2 – On each of your facility's databases, you need to enable the setting below by going to Data Entry -> Manage -> Settings -> Payments and Billing and following the steps below. You or your staff should perform this operation - (not an OpenEdge staff member).

Staff “On Account” Purchases Operational Note:  Once this feature is enabled, credit cards can be stored on Staff members and those card details are replicated to their staff records at all gyms.  If you want to place purchases On Account for staff members, you should select the staff member record at the local gym where the purchase is being made.



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