Multigym FAQs

Below are some commonly asked questions about Multigym operations:


Question: When unfreezing a membership at a visiting gym (e.g.; Gym A members unfreezing at Gym B) can the prorated dues appear on the member's account?

Answer: Yes, but the prorated dues are added to the member's home gym and will not show up in the remote gym.

The staff can't settle this balance at the visiting/local POS (even with remote on-account sales), but they can settle it with Credit Card, ONLY, via the NEW PAYMENT button in Invoice & Payment. This only applies to facilities using Stripe Terminals or the OpenEdge terminals as the integrated payment solution at POS.

Question: When adding a new member, does RGP automatically check for duplicates from a different gym location?

Answer: Yes, RGP will look for duplicate customers. However, if customers are added manually (via the add button), then duplicate customers will not be detected. If a search is done prior to manually adding the customer staff will see possible matches in the multigym concurrent search window.

If customer records are added/created from digital waivers in Find Documents windows, then yes, possible matches are listed along with the associated location.



The Advanced Button is available in the Multigym:


Linked Customers = Archived customer records at Remote locations will appear- if the customers have had digital docs added, purchased items at POS, or have been transferred from a Remote location they will have an Archived customer record. Do not make the archived record active, please. Manager Access required.

Transfer Customer = to a different database. Power Access required to transfer.
Move Associated Records = records were assigned to the wrong customer or two active customer records in the same location. Allows you to move all records to one customer record and delete the duplicate [not an Archived Customer Record]. Manager Access required to Move Records.

Question: Can we change Facility Access Rules at a later time?

Answer: Yes, you can change these rules at any time, however, a word of caution: if you intend to change specific customers at a later date be certain that you have a way of identifying them so they can be changed as well. The rules affect how a new customer "defaults", and RGP will have to provide an SQL statement to change your current Facility Access for your current members/customers

Question: If we start by linking Retail Inventory, can we change the setting later on?

Answer: RGP recommends you start with linked retail. You can UNDO this, but please note there is no way in which to account for "negative inventory" with linked retail.

Question: Our two gyms have different sales tax rates (Gym A is 5% and Gym B is 8%). How does RGP handle this?

Answer: In the multigym environment, each gym will have a matching sales tax code ("S" for example), but the rates can be different in each gym.

Question: If we pre-sell a large number of NEW GYM memberships now, is it easy to bulk transfer members over to the NEW GYM database at a later date?

Answer: No. There is no way to bulk transfer members (that would be a dangerous tool!). You'll want to sell your NEW GYM pre-memberships in an active, NEW GYM X database.

Question: Is there an easy way to copy Calendar settings from OLD gym to NEW gym?

Answer: As of 2017, this RGP software update in Oct 2017 allows you to copy Calendar Offerings from Gym A to Gym B  

Question: If we need to make edits to a shared RGP document/waiver, will the changes be automatically reflected on all documents at each location?

Answer: Yes! If you make the changes via Edit Document then click Publish Design to Live, all changes take place in ALL databases. (BUT it doesn't hurt to click Publish Design to Live at the other gym too ;-)

Question: A customer has a credit on their account, but we were unable to use it on a transaction. If the credit was given at Gym A, will RGP allow us to use it at Gym B?

Answer: Credits are not transferable since each gym has its own "silo" of accounting - and this is by design.

Question: Is there a way to transfer someone's payment to another gym for a booking? Some customers have paid for classes at Gym A, but instead, want to take the class at Gym B and we weren't able to figure out how to transfer the payment over. Or, is there a way to access each other's calendars to transfer the whole booking over?

Answer: Payments are not transferable for the same reason [as credits] - (accounting would be very messy). Money collected at one gym needs to be accounted for at that gym. RGP recommends that you make a new booking at Gym B and modify the price to be $0 with a note in the new booking at Gym B.

Question: What does it mean when I see the Red Status button? 

Answer: If you see a Red Status button it means that other facilities are NOT available. STOP and wait approximately 15 seconds until there is a connection. If the status remains red then click the Status button:


You must be connected to all facilities, at all times. If you are not connected this means that RGP cannot reach the MySQL server over the VPN (which can cause problems). You will need to troubleshoot the VPN and or communication on port 3306 across the VPN.

 Another common issue is a Version Mismatch: When RGP releases a software update, it is best to coordinate updating all facilities.


Question: If the VPN goes down and the connection to other facilities has been lost, can a new customer record be created for a current member whose record resides at the other facility?

Answer: NO. However, sometimes a staff member may find a way around this by finding and selecting a hidden [Archived] record. This will cause problems with duplicate records and should be discouraged.   

If this does happen, you will need to first merge/move all the record/s to the proper customer/member. This will move all invoices and documents to the proper customer/member record. Then Deactivate the duplicate record.  

1) Use the Advanced Button-> Move Associated records

2)Advanced Button->Linked Customers- Deactivate Record





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