Overview of Multigym Management


As part of the Plus and Premium Paid Plans, you can link the databases of remote facilities together to offer a seamless user experience!

A video summary of the multiple location features of Rock Gym Pro is available.

Please note: RGP needs a minimum of THREE WEEKS NOTICE to set up your multigym environment. Please have a look at our Multigym Customer Checklist.


The benefits of using the RGP multigym functionality:

  • Seamless member check-in across all your facilities. Any of your members can walk into any location and swipe their card or be looked up and checked in.
  • Staff members have access to editing the customer record of a customer in any location.
  • Staff member PINs are automatically synchronized across all locations.
  • Member access can be setup as “home gym only” or “all locations” – allowing you to sell differential membership packages.
  • Rock Gym Pro will gracefully handle network failures should a remote location temporarily become inaccessible due to a network outage.

System Requirements:

  • You have multiple facilities, or will be opening a new facility, and each location is running a local copy of Rock Gym Pro on a server.
  • Your databases must share the same master key.
  • Your membership check-in card numbers are unique across all your facilities.
  • A VPN (Virtual Private Network) must exist between your locations.   


If you're interested in learning more details about the RGP multigym functionality, please use the contact form.


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