How to Copy Calendar Offerings from One Gym to Another

If you operate multiple gyms, you can easily copy the Calendar Offerings from one gym's database to another's. When you copy the Calendar Offering, all of the settings, email content, etc will be copied as well. 

There are two ways to copy. In both cases, from Calendar go to Manage Schedules and click on the More tab.


1) Single Gym -
You can export the file from one database and import it into another. Useful for a franchise starting a new location, for example.



2) Multigym

You can import an offering directly from another location.




Some Limitations:

  • Only the offering properties, custom questions, pricing, etc. are copied
  • Resources, schedules, and dependent products are not copied.    
  • If the referenced participant types don’t exist on the target database - they will be created
  • If the dependent products don’t exist on the target database, the import will fail and explain the specific products that need to be created.



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