Overview of Multigym Technical Requirements

The following is a list of requirements to successfully deploy multigym access in Rock Gym Pro:

  • All new databases must share the same RGP Master Encryption Key at each facility. The names of the databases should be different at each location, but they must share the same Master Key. We recommend working with our support staff to install Rock Gym Pro and MySQL for multigym access, but if you choose to install the software yourself then it’s important you don’t make any changes to the new database.
  • All databases, at each facility, must mirror the same Custom Policies. For example, if you have Policy 1 at Gym A set as XYZ, then Policy 1 at Gym B (or C, etc) must be XYZ too.
  • Multigym features are available with a Plus or Premium Paid Plan. Each facility needs to submit a Rock Gym Pro Premium Support Agreement
  • You need a server computer for all locations to host your MySQL database. If you are currently using a front desk computer as your server, you must transition to a dedicated server. You need a computer that has Windows Remote Desktop available. You don’t need a true Windows server box, just a solid Windows 8/10 machine running Windows Pro operating system that has *Windows Remote Desktop* available (preferably with RAID 1 which makes hard drive failure a non-event).
  • Rock Gym Pro support will use LogMeIn Rescue to initially remotely connect to your server. LogMeIn Rescue requires a person to be available at the facility to allow our support staff initial access to your server. Our staff will then use the Windows Remote Desktop feature on your server to connect to the other locations' servers. Windows Remote Desktop is not required outside of your VPN. The server computer should be located somewhere your staff and customers cannot access, as inevitably they will do something to the server that will have ripple effects to the other computers in the multigym environment.
  • Our support staff uses the Windows Remote Desktop feature in your internal VPN to login to the other facilities to connect them. This feature must be available and configured prior to scheduling an appointment for the multigym connection.
  • VPN hardware is required between all locations with Fixed IP addresses on the servers. Do not set up your VPN to Port Forwarding as it is not necessary.
  • An Internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 5 Mbps and a minimum download speed of 10 Mbps is recommended.
  • Once connected as a multigym, all the server computers at each location need to stay connected via your VPN.




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