RGP Cloud Deployment Option

What is RGP Cloud?

RGP Cloud is exactly what it sounds like - it's the Rock Gym Pro software accessed in the cloud. With RGP Cloud, your database and RGP information is securely hosted on a remote server that we maintain. So the only thing you need to access RGP Cloud is an internet connection and a lightweight Windows computer. 



How does it work?

The RGP Cloud is accessed via a "Thin Client" from a Windows computer, similar to Remote Desktop, which allows you to run your hardware (Printers, Cash Drawers, EMV Credit Card Processors, Cameras, etc.) just as you would with the installed version of the software. 

NOTE:  We are only recommending Windows at this time.  The "thin client" is a Windows application that provides additional functionality to enable hardware compatibility.   


The Benefits of RGP Cloud

  1. Eliminates the need for on-site server hardware
  2. Reduced IT maintenance costs
  3. Easy to scale your business as you add facilities
  4. Multiple location operations do not have to worry about VPN issues
  5. RGP Cloud takes care of all of your backups


Is there a cloud client that will run on a Mac?

Currently, no. However, there are a couple of options for Mac users that just need to access RGP Cloud and do not need to use peripherals (printers, cash drawers, etc.)

Option #1: You can run any of the Windows emulators on your Mac to access RGP Cloud (e.g., Boot Camp, Parallels, etc.)

Option #2: You can use Microsoft Remote Desktop App, which can be found in the Apple App Store, on a Mac to access your RGP Cloud after authenticating in a web browser. Please see this article for more information about using Mac with RGP Cloud


What types of internet speeds are needed?

A minimum download speed of 10 Mbps (20 Mbps recommended for optimal performance)
A minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps 

What does RGP Cloud cost?

Multiple Location Facilities: The pricing below is per facility.  Multiple location organizations would need one RGP Host per facility. Seats can be assigned to any or all hosts in a multi-location environment.

* Important to note: If you are operating a multi-location environment in RGP, ALL facilities need to be either on RGP Cloud or the local version of RGP - you cannot use RGP Cloud in one facility and the local version in another.


    Standard  Plus  Premium

includes up to 3 seats

 $169 USD
per month

 $264 USD
per month 

 $364 USD
per month

includes up to 6 seats

$204 USD
per month 

$319 USD
per month

$429 USD
per month
includes up to 12 seats
$304 USD
per month 
$419 USD
per month
 $529 USD
per month
includes up to 20 seats
Ask for pricing  Ask for pricing  Ask for pricing





RGP Host: This is the remote computer that each station/user logs into with the RGP Cloud Thin Client; essentially the remote computer. 

Each workstation that accesses RGP Cloud needs a "seat". For example, if you have two computers at the front desk and a laptop you use at home, you would need THREE seats for your facility. Each seat would have a unique username/password. If you manage multiple facilities and you need to access more than one database, only ONE personal seat is needed. 

Smartwaiver Kiosks and iPad waiver stations do not require a seat.


Note: While using RGP Cloud, a reliable internet connection is critical to achieving optimal performance. 

RGP Cloud Requirements

RGP Cloud Client: Windows-based computer to run the Thin Client connection.  Windows 10 or later supported.

If you do not plan on accessing any front desk peripheral hardware, such as a webcam or receipt printers, you can use an Apple Mac running a Windows emulator for the Thin Client.

Stripe Terminal Credit Card Processing: If you are using the integrated Stripe Terminal for POS transactions you will need to have the Terminal and POS computer connected to your network via ethernet ports vs. wifi. Make sure your cloud client version is at least v1.130153. The informational dialog box will be displayed separately (possibly hidden behind the Rock Gym Pro application). In these cases, you will see an information progress dialog box, indicating that the transaction is taking place.


OpenEdge Credit Card Processing:  If you are using the integrated OpenEdge processing, only the EMV credit card solution is supported with RGP Cloud.  If you are an existing OpenEdge customer and using traditional swiped credit via XWEB/OpenEdge, you will need to update to EMV credit card processing

Standalone Credit Card Terminals: If you are a customer using a nonintegrated 3rd party standalone credit card terminal for POS transactions, no change is required for RGP Cloud Standalone terminals are not integrated with RGP are not impacted by RGP Cloud.

Quickbooks Integration:  RGP Cloud integrates directly with Quickbooks Online AND the desktop version. 



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