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Rock Gym Pro Deployment Guide 

Thank you for checking out Rock Gym Pro (RGP). We are excited that you are considering using RGP to manage your operations. This deployment guide will help you get started but if your question is not answered below, please feel free to contact us.  


Getting Started on the Free Trial: 
Rock Gym Pro offers a six-month free trial of the locally hosted, installed version with limited features. To request the trial version, please submit the form on our website. You will receive an email with the link to download RGP, below is a video tutorial to help you get RGP installed.
(see additional installation tips at the bottom of this article)

Please note the trial needs to be downloaded on a computer running Windows (preferably Windows 10 OS). Any changes made in the downloaded trial can be kept with the locally hosted plan or backed up and moved to your cloud server if you go with a cloud-hosted plan. 

We have video tutorials and help center support articles to look over as you are working with the trial. Also, feel free to reach out with any questions. 


Moving to a Paid Plan: 
You can upgrade from the free trial at any time to access paid features such as the integrated digital waiver solution and online reservations and online membership sales. When you are ready to move to a paid plan submit your Paid Plan Agreement (select International if you are outside of the US). 

Paid Plan the US  
Paid Plan International (Outside of the US)  

Then submit your billing information on our secure form at by clicking Update Your Billing. When we receive your plan agreement and billing information, we will set up your paid plan account and email you with the next steps. 

Included in all paid plans are personalized training sessions. During those sessions, we can answer any questions, log in remotely, and help you out with the setup process. 


Front Desk Recommended Hardware: 
Note: RGP can only guarantee support for the tested and recommended hardware suggested below. Other make/models may work, but these are the make/models our tech support can help troubleshoot quickly. 

  • Retail Front Desk PC - You will need at least one reasonably modern and inexpensive desktop or laptop computer running Windows 10 as your Front Desk computer. 
    • The monitor/screen should have a resolution of 1280 x 800 or higher. 
    • You can use a touchscreen monitor but we recommend also having a keyboard to quickly enter and lookup customers. 
    • Many of the hardware pieces require a USB connection, so make sure the computer has ample USB connections or purchase an adapter that converts one USB port to multiple ports.  
  • Receipt Printer - We highly recommend the Epson TM/T88V  
    Star TSP100eco is another option that works well. 
    • This receipt printer will connect to your retail computer via USB Port.  
    • You can run multiple POS (point of sale) workstations on a single shared cash drawer and receipt printer. One cash drawer and receipt printer are typically fine for most gyms. 
    • To share a receipt printer, you will need to share your receipt printer like any Windows network printer across your LAN (local area network) and then select your receipt printer in Data Entry – Manage – Settings – This Workstation. 
    • Here are some installation tips.
  • Cash Drawer w/ matching receipt printer cable – MMF Advantage w/ Epson Cable recommended.  
    • Other cash drawers may work but the MMF is one that our support team can troubleshoot quickly. 
    • Make sure the one you order is Printer Interfacing. 
    • The cash drawer connects to your receipt printer via a printer cable. Be sure to purchase the Cash Drawer Printer Cable #1 (not #2)
  • Check-In Front Desk PC – Same specifications as your retail front desk computer above   
    • Optional, but highly recommended if you want members to be able to walk in and scan cards without staff intervention.  
    • You can manually check-in customers by entering and searching their last name, the first name on your front desk computer. 
    • If you are a high-volume facility you should plan on this computer being used exclusively for customer check-ins the cursor needs to be in the look-up field of the Check-In Window.
  • Computer Speakers – When a person is checked in, RGP makes appropriate “alert” sounds depending upon the customer’s status 
    • Only necessary if you have a dedicated Check-In desktop computer, as laptop computers have speakers built-in 
  • Barcode Scanners - Must be a keyboard emulating USB barcode reader. 
    Please note a barcode scanner is only required if planning on using membership cards to check-in your customers. The barcode scanner should be attached to your check-in computer with a USB Connection. 
  • Membership Key Tags – Members and Punch Pass holders can be given key tags with assigned barcodes (barcode format code 39) to check in quickly via barcode reader at a dedicated check-in computer. This allows members/punch cardholders to bypass the front desk line and check-in without employee assistance.  
    • These are optional as you can manually check-in customers by the last name, first name if you choose.  
    • PlastekCards, Print Globe, and PermaCard are three vendors – though there are many out there. Get these preprinted in bulk (a few thousand at a time) and be sure to note what number you end with so you can start from there when you reorder.  
    • We recommend that your barcodes start with a number but if desired can end in a letter, such as 1234RGP. 
    • Additional information on ordering Membership Key Tags is available.
  • Physical Gift Cards – you can purchase gift cards from any card vendor, including the same one producing your membership key tags. Information on ordering gift cards is available. 
  • Webcam for member photos – C310 Logitech recommended.   
    This connects to your retail computer via a USB port. 
  • Credit Card Readers (recommendations depend on your location) 
    • Stripe Custom Integration:
      • Most of our new customers will be using our RGP Stripe Custom integration. Stripe Terminals are available in the US, CA, and the UK.  
      • Please reach out to RGP Support for more information about this integration and how to order your Stripe Terminals. 
      • Stripe Terminal is currently available in the US/CA/UK with plans to expand to IE, AU, NZ, DE, FR soon. 
    • Open Edge Integration:
      • If you are a multigym already using the OpenEdge integration (US/CA* locations only) you have the option to continue to use OE’s EMV terminals that you will order directly from OE when you set up your account.  
      • Please read the OpenEdge EMV/chip card FAQ and reach out to RGP Support with any questions.  
      • Please note that the OE EMV Terminal does not support Canadian Interac Payments. 
    • For Countries not supported by Stripe or OpenEdge, you can use any nonintegrated 3rd party credit card terminal. With this option, the POS transactions are recorded in RGP on a customer’s account but manually entered and charged using your third-party processor. 

    • Optional: You can use a mag swipe reader, in addition to the credit card terminals above, to quickly add credit card details to a customer’s EFT/Billing Tab. This will not work to tender transactions only to read/store credit card information on customer’s accounts. 
      • Recommended POSX Magnetic Reader that has a USB Connection and is keyboard emulating. 
      • A Mag swipe reader can quickly read/enter the credit card details on the customer’s EFT/Billing tab to be stored with your integrated processor. This is optional as you can manually key in the credit card information as well.
  • Waiver Stations – We recommend Apple iPads  
    (Please note if you are using RGP Cloud waiver stations do not count as cloud seats) 
    • The integrated digital waiver feature is included in our Plus and Premium Plans. With these paid plans you have a free Smartwaiver account and can create as many digital documents as you need. These can be waivers, membership terms, and conditions, lead tests, etc.  
    • Once on a Plus or Premium Plan, you can create your free Smartwaiver account in Data Entry – Manage – Waiver Management/Stations - Smartwaiver Integration 
    • Please review the RGP + Smartwaiver Integration Overview 
    • With the Smartwaiver integration we recommend using the Smartwaiver Kiosk App on an iPad, however, the Smartwaiver Kiosk app is also compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7" and Lenovo Tab M10 running at least Android 10.0 (be sure to check that your device can update to this version).  
    • Please note the following regarding the Smartwaiver Android Kiosk App: 
    • Galaxy Tablets sold outside of the U.S. and Canada may not be able to upgrade to the Android 10 version. 
    • Amazon Fire Tablets are not currently compatible with the Smartwaiver Kiosk App 
  • Document Scanner 
    • Only necessary if you intend to use paper waivers and membership forms and want to scan them for digital storage. With a Plus and Premium plan, you can digitize most paper forms to go paperless. 
      • For Locally Hosted RGP Customers, you will need a TWAIN-compatible scanner. We recommend using a dedicated automatic document feeder (ADF) scanner rather than an all-in-one device. You will achieve faster scans. Xerox DocuMate 152 or Fujitsu-6130 are recommended. 
      • For RGP Cloud Hosted Customers, you will need to use a scanner that can output bulk PDFs. Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 is recommended. 


Back Office Hardware Requirements for RGP Cloud Plans 

If you are using an RGP Cloud-Hosted Paid Plan your database and RGP information is securely hosted on a remote server that we maintain. The only thing you need to access RGP Cloud is a reliable internet connection and a lightweight Windows computer. 

For more information on RGP Cloud including the pricing for deployment, please visit the RGP Cloud Support Page. 


Back Office Hardware Requirements for Host your Own Plans 

With a locally installed version of RGP, your database is located at your facility on a “server computer” you purchase and maintain. Daily backups should be set up to transfer your RGP information offsite to Rock Gym Pro as a safety precaution. 

  • “Server” Computer -- Any modern desktop PC running Windows 10; you do not need a specific Windows Server operating system. 
  • Laptops are not recommended.  
  • We highly recommend having a dedicated computer act as your RGP server for your database, but, if necessary, it is possible to use one of your front desk computers.  
  • We highly recommend two mirrored hard drives (RAID 1). If one hard drive fails, your system keeps running and you simply replace the bad hard drive.  
  • LAN Network – All your PCs running RGP must be connected to a local area network - make sure that your network firewall is set up to allow the workstation computers to see/communicate with the server computer running MySQL component. We highly recommend a Static IP address for your server for the fastest most reliable connection for your workstation computers.  
  • Installation Video Tutorials:

Additional Installation Tips:

  • On the Server computer:
    • If you plan to have multiple computers running RGP, install RGP on your server computer first. Use the installation Configuration Wizard to create your gym’s blank database on your server computer. As part of the installation and configuration, you will create an encryption key. 
    • When you install RGP on your server, RGP will prompt you to download and install the MySQL Server component as part of the installation. While running through the MySQL configuration be sure to enable “root” access from all machines and create a root password. 
    • Write down your Encryption Key and Root Password as those are needed to install additional workstation computers. 
  • On Front Desk/Workstation computers:  
    • Install RGP using the same download link as the server computer. RGP will need to be installed on all front desk/workstation computers. When installing RGP, use the Configuration Wizard to point to your MySQL database running on your Server PC. You can point to it by computer name or IP address (we highly recommend a fixed IP Address).  
    • You will need to enter the ‘root’ user and password along with your database encryption key. 
    • Here is a link to the video tutorial with step-by-step instructions to install RGP on additional workstations. Connecting Additional Workstations to Your RGP/MySQL Database  


If you have any questions please email us at and we’ll get you the answers, and/or schedule an RGP software demo. We look forward to working with you and your team!

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