Exporting New Email Addresses From RGP to Your Email Marketing Management System

As you add new members to your database, you’ll want to regularly add their email addresses to your email marketing management system so you can send them newsletters, promotions, and information about upcoming events they may be interested in. Depending on how active your email marketing efforts are, we recommend doing a weekly or monthly transfer to ensure your marketing list remains up to date. Here’s how to transfer your member emails into your email marketing management system:

  1. In the Data Entry main window, click Manage and select Email List Management.
  2. Under Export Changes check New Email Addresses.
  3. Select the date you would like the system to collect addresses from, which should be the last date you collected new addresses. This will collect all new addresses from that date until today.
  4. Click the Export New Addresses button.
  5. Create a file name, choose a save location, and click the Save button. This will create a text file with just the new email addresses. You can then import this text file into your email marketing management service.


  6. Click Close to exit the Email List Management window.


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