How to Install Custom Email SQL

Rock Gym Pro can send transnational emails based on custom SQL Triggers. This custom SQL can be written by Rock Gym Pro support for a fee, or written by Rock Gym Pro users who have an understanding of SQL code and the Rock Gym Pro database.

To setup a custom email with custom SQL, follow these steps:

  1. Select Data Entry > Manage > Email System
    • If Multi-Gym, select your location
  2. Click the Custom Actions / Purchased Products tab
  3. Click +Add
  4. Select Custom SQL Query and press OK
  5. Click Set SQL Query
  6. Put in a Title for the SQL Code (any name, this is internal and will not be sent in the email)
  7. Paste the SQL Code you received from Rock Gym Pro Support (or created on your own) into the large code box
    • Note the Test Date button, you will come back to this to test
  8. Click OK
  9. Put in a Subject for the emails (recipients of the email will see this)
  10. Click the Message Body Tab
    • Add the content of your message that you would like to send when the email SQL is triggered
  11. Now Test the email SQL
    • Click the Properties Tab
    • Click Set SQL Query
    • Set the date you would like to test
      • Remember: The SQL query will always be provided with yesterday's date when it is launched each morning as part of the daily email queuing process.
      • If you want to test an email that would go out on the 20th, then set the date for the 19th
    • Click Test Date to get a list of customers who would receive the email
  12. When done testing, click OK
  13. To activate the custom email, Select Send Email: Automatically
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