How to create HTML templates for RGP Transactional Emails with SendGrid

You can use SendGrid HTML email templates for all of your Rock Gym Pro transactional emails.


How to Set It Up:

Step 1. Create a SendGrid API Key

  • Log in to your SendGrid account and go to Settings > API Keys
  • Click the Create API Key button
  • Give the key Full Access



Step 2. Enter API Key in RGP

  • In Rock Gym Pro, go to Data EntryManage Email SystemSettingsSendGrid API Key Integration
  • Enter the SendGrid API Key that you just created



Step 3. Create the SendGrid Template

  • From your SendGrid account, click on Dynamic Templates 
  • Click on the Create a Dynamic Template button
  • Click on the Add Version button from the dropdown





Important: SendGrid Template Requirements

  • You must add at least one active version for the template to appear in RGP.
  • RGP replacement fields require THREE curly braces - e.g.; {{{body}}}, {{{firstname}}}, etc. This is different than RGP’s editor which requires only two curly braces.


Unsubscribe Links

It is extremely important that Rock Gym Pro handles the Unsubscribe Requests on all sent emails that are sent so that the “DO NOT MAIL” field is properly updated within your RGP database.

In SendGrid, be sure to REMOVE the built-in SendGrid Unsubscribe Module and replace it with: {{{rgpunsubscribe}} as shown below.



You can customize your unsubscribe replacement text within RGP Email Settings, as shown below




Step 4: Assign SendGrid Template to RGP Transactional Email Action

In RGP, go to: Data Entry → Manage → Email System → Edit

Select SendGrid Template [Rich HTML Emails] and then click on the SendGrid Template tab. 



From this tab, click on the Select SendGrid Template button and then choose one of the “active versions” listed in the menu.




{{{body}}} Tag

Some RGP actions embed additional content within the email. Examples are the DECLINE and INVOICE actions. These actions require a {{{body}}} tag within the template. If the RGP action requires a body tag, you will be warned within the Edit Template window if you assign a SendGrid template that does not include the {{{body}}} tag.




Required {{{rgpunsubscribe}}} Tag

If an action is classified as a “marketing” type action, then an {{{rgpunsubscribe}}} tag needs to be included in the template.




Email Footer - {{{rgpfooter}}} Tag

SendGrid Template emails handle Global Footers differently than the RGP email editor.

There are TWO options for footers:

1) Create the footer directly in each SendGrid Template (within SendGrid)
Use the {{{rgpfooter}}} tag in your template to include a global footer specified in RGP Email Settings. The embeddable RGP footer is designed to be simple and limited because it needs to be injected into the SendGrid Template’s HTML. If you’d like a more complex footer, you’ll need to build the content directly in SendGrid.

2) You can assign the global SendGrid Template email footer in Manage -> Email System -> Settings -> Footer.

Note: There are two different footers available - Internal editor emails and another for SendGrid Template emails.



Calendar Thank You and Reminder Emails

You have the option of using either the SendGrid Templates or the Integrated Email Editor for the Thank you and Reminder emails in your Calendar. See the screenshot below.

You can set this option globally in Calendar Settings OR specifically on each Offering in Edit Offering Settings.





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