Overview of the Email System

Rock Gym Pro gives you the ability to automatically email your members and customers with a wide variety of transactional emails, such as a reminder that a membership is expiring, a monthly ETF receipt, or even a birthday message.

Please note that our email system acts as an interface to manage the emails you send your customers, and therefore requires a separate service to actually deliver the emails. To send an email through Rock Gym Pro, you will need to sign up for a SendGrid account.

Here is a general overview of the email system:

You are able to customize your sender name and email address, footer, and unsubscribe message, in addition to adding your SendGrid account information.

Email Actions
You can decide if you want to have the system automatically email members for a variety of actions, or create custom actions and emails based on your specific needs.

Email testing
You can put the system into test mode to ensure everything is working properly before you take the email system live. You can also run an email simulation to let you see what emails would have been sent on a past date had they been set up to send, giving you the ability to test the system without sending an email.

Integration with email newsletter and marketing management systems
Rock Gym Pro’s emails are meant to be used for transactional emails. However, you can import and export email addresses to email newsletters and marketing management systems like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp so you can ensure your marketing email list and customer email list are in sync.

Here are the basic steps to setting up the email system:

  1. Get a SendGrid account.
  2. Enter the account information and other email settings in Settings.
  3. Edit and activate the actions you want to utilize.
  4. Customize the email subject and body for emails you want to send.
  5. Decide if you want to include an unsubscribe link or not in each specific email.
  6. Turn on the email system.
  7. Use the simulation feature to see your emails.
  8. When completely satisfied, disable the test mode. The automated transactional email system will now be live.


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