Running an Email Simulation For a Past Date

When deciding which emails to enable, it’s useful to run a simulation for a past date to see how many emails would have been sent had the system been running that day. This will help you gauge how many emails you are sending out so you can ensure that you aren’t flooding your members’ inboxes. Note that these emails won’t actually be sent; this is just a simulation.

  1. In the Data Entry main window, click Manage and select Email System.
  2. Click the Run Email Simulation for Date button.
  3. Enter the date you wish to simulate. For example, if you bill on the 5th of the month enter the 5th for whichever month you want to check to see how many billing emails you would have sent. Click the Simulate button.
  4. A pop-up window will show you the sent queue. Click on an email to view it, view the customer profile, or view their invoice/payments. When finished click the Close button to return to the Email Simulation window.
  5. Run any other date simulations as necessary. When finished, click Close to exit the email simulation window and Close to exit the Email System.



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