Overview of Email Actions

You can define when Rock Gym Pro automatically sends an email to a customer and what the content of that email will be with email actions. To access the email actions, go to the Data Entry main window, click Manage and select Email System.

Here you will see a tab for Standard Actions and a tab for Custom Actions/Purchased Products. By default standard emails will be disabled, so the first step will be to decide which emails you wish to activate. Once you decide you want to activate an email, select the email action and click the Edit button to open up that action’s email template.  

In the email template for a standard action, you will see a description of the action and when it will be sent. You can then edit the following information:

For any standard email actions you wish to use, we have provided subject line and email content to get you started, be we highly suggest you customize the content to reflect your facility, message, and brand.  


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