Customer Query Email Triggers

Email triggers can be defined and created directly from Customer Queries in RGP. If you're using the RGP+SendGrid HTML email integration, this allows you to create highly targeted email marketing campaigns for your customers and potential customers.

One basic example:
Let's say you wanted to email guests a membership sales promotion after they've visited your facility X number of times.  

From Data Entry, go to:

  • Manage > Email System
  • Click on the Customer Actions/Purchased Products tab.
  • Click on the Add button and then select Customer Query
  • Click OK


    Set up the customer query. In the configuration shown below, we've set up a query that would trigger an automated email to be sent to all guests who have visited at least 3 times in the trailing month.


    After reviewing the query, send a Test Email to ensure everything looks good.



1) Because triggers run every day, a customer could possibly receive a daily email as long as their 3 visits were within the trailing month window. Notice that there is an option to limit the frequency that a trigger can fire every X days for a customer (31 days in the example above).

2) Also, notice that customer query dates are relative dates based on the 'querydate' parameter. 



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