Creating Customized Email Action Triggers and Emails

While Rock Gym Pro comes with many of the most common email actions already created, you can also create custom actions based on the need of your facility.

  1. In the Data Entry main window, click Manage and select Email System.  
  2. Click the Custom Actions/Purchased Products tab and click the Add button. Choose which type of custom action you wish to create: 
  • Purchased Products - Simple: This will only let you specify the product type 
  • Purchased Products - Advanced: This will let you specify the product type, when it was purchased, the customer type, and their status 
  • Customer Query: set the conditions
  • SQL Query: if you know how to create a SQL statement then enter it here (if not then RGP may be able to help!)

3. This will create an email template. Fill in the subject line and select if you want this email disabled or set it to send automatically. Here you can also choose if you want to disregard the customer’s do no mail request if this is for a billing-related email.  

4. If you are creating a Purchased Products action, click the Customize button to customize the following parameters. The email will only send once all these parameters are met.:
- The product type 
- How many days ago the product was purchased (Purchased Products - Advanced only) 
- The customer type (Purchased Products - Advanced only) 
- The customer status (Purchased Products - Advanced only) 



5. If you are creating a SQL Query action, click the Set SQL Query button, paste in the SQL statement, and assign a custom name for this email.

6. Click OK to return to the email template window, and then click the Message Body tab to create the content for the email. Use the Insert Field button to add fields to automatically customize the email.

7. Click OK to save the custom action, and Close to exit the Email System.

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