Creating a Product for a Youth Program Group

When creating a new youth program group, you should also create a product to represent sales to that specific group. This will help you properly manage invoices and ensure everyone in the group is paid up. Here’s how to create a product for a youth group"

  1. In the Data Entry main window, click Manage and select Products to bring up the Manage Products window.
  2. Click the Add Products button to bring up the Edit Product window.
  3. Under Product Type select Member. Note that the customer doesn’t need to be a member to be part of a youth program group; this setting is just to indicate that this product type is for a person, not a piece of inventory.
  4. Give the Product Name a unique title. Enter a retail price if appropriate.
  5. Enter a display category.
  6. Under Required # of People, enter 1. This will prompt the POS to attach a person to this product and allow payments. The attached person is now linked to the sale, this is also known as a Membership Link, which can be used for any product set to Type=Member.
  7. Click OK to exit the Edit Product window, and Close to exit the Manage Products window.



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