Adding youth team dues to an existing membership

Some facilities bill youth team member dues as part of a youth team membership. However, you may have a youth team participant who is already a prepaid member. While you can’t add-on a product to a prepaid member, here is a suggestion for a workaround to this issue:

  1. In the main Data Entry window search for the existing member and click on their name to open the View and Edit Customer window.
  2. In the Membership tab, go to the Membership Payment Options section and select EFT to change the prepaid member into a billed member.
  3. Make your dues $0 and then click the Add-on products button to add your team dues product. You will now be charging your customer the team dues each month, rather than a full membership.
  4. To terminate the membership at the same time as their original prepaid end date, click the Status tab. Under Advanced Status Options click the Add button.
  5. Under the status change dropdown menu select Terminate. Select the start date to be the date the original prepaid end date would have been. Add any notes about this change in the Remarks section. Click OK to save.
  6. The membership will now last until the original prepaid end date, while the team dues will be billed monthly as desired.
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