Marking a youth group program participant as paid-in-full

If a participant wishes to pay for the entire term of the group, you will need to process the payment and then create a note indicated to other staff members that they are paid-in-full.

  1. In the Point of Sale window, select the participant or add her as a new customer. Next, find the product associated with the youth program group and click to open the Edit Transaction Item window.
  2. Under Quantity, enter the number of months you wish to charge.
  3. Click Add to associate the transaction to the specific member. Once you have found the member, click OK.

  4. Tender the sale as normal.
  5. Once you have made the sale we need to indicate a note to make sure other staff members are aware. In the Data Entry main window, click View and select Youth Program Groups to bring up the Youth Program Groups window. Add the participant to the group if necessary.
  6. Click the Invoice/Account History tab and select the customer. You should see the amount charged in the current month’s cell. You can now add a note in the payment grid letting other staff members know the participant is paid in full. You can also add a note to the customer record.

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