Creating a note for a youth program group customer

You can add notes for each youth program group customer, helping to remind staff about students who are going to be out, need to bring in paperwork, have already paid or anything else.

  1. In the Data Entry main window, click View and select Youth Program Groups to bring up the Youth Program Groups window.
  2. Click the Participants tab and select the member you would like to add a note for to bring up their information below the roster.
  3. Click the Notes tab.  
  4. You can now add, edit or delete notes. Notes created within the last three months will be displayed in the Participants tab and printable roster.
  5. When adding or editing a note, check Alert on Check-in to have the system bring up the note when checking in the member. If checked, you can also check Alert On or After to have the system only show the alert at check-in after a specific date; otherwise, leave that option unchecked to be notified immediately.



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