Setting up the billing credit card payment gateway (outside of US and Canada)

For countries outside the US, Rock Gym Pro has Stripe integrated into the system to process monthly EFT billing. With this integrated payment gateway, you can process membership billing right from your Rock Gym Pro workstation. Here’s how to set up the Stripe payment gateway for membership billing in Rock Gym Pro.

  1. To begin you will need a Stripe account. Apply for an account online here.
  2. Email your test Stripe test keys to Cut and paste the keys; please do not send a screenshot. We only need your TEST keys. We will then send you a link to connect to your live side using Stripe’s Connect service. At this time also verify that you have activated your Stripe account’s bank account (this is a secondary step within Stripe).
  3. Once you have an account set up and have connected your Stripe account via the link, go to the Data Entry main window click Manage and select Settings to bring up the Configure Settings window.
  4. Click the Payment & Billing tab.
  5. Under Payment Gateways, click the Billing Credit Card dropdown menu and select Stripe.
  6. Click the Configure button
  7. In this next window, click the Check Stripe Configuration button


  8. If Stripe has been connected properly, RGP will confirm
  9. Click Close to finish.


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